Dovecote Farm Equestrian Centre



private 30 minutes - £30

private 45 minutes - £40

private 1 hour - £50

shared (2 riders) 30 minutes - £25 each

shared 45 minutes - £30 each

shared 1 hour - £35 each

group (3 or more riders) 1 hour - £25 children, £30 Adults

Lessons are taken by BHS qualified staff, all of which also have training in safeguarding and first aid. The ponies and horses used for lessons are carefully selected to ensure their suitability for use in lessons. The riding school is licensed, insured and approved by the BHS.

We also host pony parties, pony days and pony camp throughout the year.

We are a centre branch of the Pony Club and hold sessions every other Saturday for our members to work towards achievement badges and awards